Do you know that every year 40% of companies across the globe suffer from a data breach? If your company’s hard drive disposal system includes deleting, reformatting, and wiping old hard drives, you and your business along with your employees are still vulnerable. In fact, as long as these hard drives are physically intact, all private information that stored within can still be retrieved. Hard drive destruction Framingham MA can be your way to protect your business and employees.  HARD DRIVE DESTRUCTION 

Many businesses inquire about hard drive deleting or shredding, especially if their computers and laptops have been there with them for a long period of time. However, because many computer and laptop services are rather expensive, most of them are concerned about their hard drive destruction cost. Leaving them to just delete and format the computer before throwing it away. What they don’t know is that the consequences they might have in return can cause them to a much bigger concern. Here are a few ways on how you can protect your business. 


Shredding can be one of the most secure, versatile and cost-effective electronic data destruction for all sorts of hard drives. Business and any other organizations transport data in several different ways, the most of which include hard drives, optical drives, smartphones, credit card devices, tablets, tapes, solid-state drives, motherboards, CD ROMs, thumb drives and more. The likes of cracking mobile phones and any devices in half are no longer used nowadays. Instead, business owners and many companies are using shredders that efficiently destroy hard drives and other portable media. Hard drive shredding is great for businesses with large operation data centers, or a stockpile of old hard drives, and media tapes because it is highly secure, fast and efficient.  


Degaussing is a demagnetizing process to delete a hard drive. After shredding a hard drive, most information technology experts would not be able to retrieve any data from the shredded pieces. However, there are some people that would indeed are able to retrieve the information that was already deleted. But you can ask how it is possible? If you take a magnet and smash it on the ground, the magnet will break into small pieces, but each of these pieces can still be magnetized. Hard drives work the same way as these because the hard drives store data are using magnets, even a small piece of the device retains its magnetic properties. Therefore they can still be read. 

Today many companies’ can be thankful enough because hard drive destruction is easy, fast and affordable to have. In fact, they can now perform hard drive destruction at their homes and offices. Information technology experts today will agree that simply deleting and wiping a hard drive or data from their computers is no longer an effective way because it might lead to data breach. The only guaranteed way to prevent it from getting into the hands of hackers is complete hard drive destruction. 

If you’re not sure which type of hard drive destruction you need, or you fall in between categories, we recommend that you consult with IT experts or hard drive destruction service near you.