Why You Need Document Destruction Services

Have you ever held a document with sensitive information and you don’t want anybody else to see it? If that is the case, then you have to either keep that document or dispose of it accordingly. Disposing it right means shredding it to pieces so nobody can read or understand what it is about.

Destruction Services

Such is the case for companies that need to dispose of some important files. While they can use the good old paper shredder for such a task, they can’t really do so if there are tons of documents involved. If that’s what you have to do all day, then your back will break and the machine will shut down. To prevent those from happening, you have to call the experts.

Document Destruction Services

Believe it or not, document destruction is a very sensitive task that’s strictly regulated by local, state, and federal laws. This service should comply with a number of regulations and the infraction of which can cost hefty fines or worse, a lawsuit. In the US, the use of one’s personal data is regarded highly. It cannot be traded or used for any purpose other than what was initially agreed upon.

That’s just one of the reasons why you have to be very meticulous when choosing data destruction companies. While you can do this job on your own, your office shredder can only do so much. If the capacity of the documents that you have to dispose of exceeds what your office shredder can handle, you can count on the professionals to help you out. Their service comes with a guarantee so you can have full peace of mind.

Qualifying Data Destruction Professionals

When seeking the help of data destruction professionals, be sure that you run a background check on them prior to contacting them. Find out what companies they have served so you’ll have a good idea of what kind of entities trust their services. You should also do a quick search if they are affiliated with groups like the North American Shredding Association and National Association of Information Destruction. As you can see, paper shredding and document destruction services are tasks that only qualified professionals can do.

Their strict compliance with all laws and regulations is also mandatory. They should meet and exceed your expectations when it comes to handling your company’s most sensitive documents. You certainly don’t want those documents to end up in the wrong hands or worse, implicate your company in an operation that you have no idea about.

How to Hire These Professionals

Like with any other type of service, everything starts with a quote. So if you find that company that meets your standards, contact them and ask all your questions. When they have answered each query well and they have fully satisfied your curiosity, then you should be ready to ask for that quote. In the quote, you’ll see the extent and rate of their services. If you agree to it, you can go ahead and book the service to get the process started. It’s that easy to get quality document services in anywhere in the US.

How to Choose the Best Paper Shredder Company

When hiring a paper shredding company there are some things to ask first before selecting them. It is important that you have knowledge who you are hiring and their other information. Also, it is important to take note that paper shredding company doesn’t only involve paper shredding but hard drive destruction service as well.

Paper Shredder

Here are some things to consider before selecting your next paper shredding company:

1. Are they reliable?

All qualified candidates should be carefully screened. They should have experience and have gone through a background check and with certification before they work with your personal papers and documents. Random drug testing, assessment and a strict code of conducts are strongly required to assure that the people working with your papers can be trusted.

2. Are there any hidden charges or fees?

There are shredding companies that charge additional cost like the fuel fess, protection and pickup fees, and other fees to make their fee expensive. Try to find for a company that promises no hidden charges and additional fees beyond the actual cost.

3. Do they use the proper shredding methods?

There are shredding companies that shred papers into thin strips that can possibly get information from it. The best type of disposal is to use a cross-cut method to make it impossible to obtain any information from them. When they are shredded into thin bits and pieces, even the most skillful thief won’t be able to put the papers back together to access the information.

4. Do they offer other services aside from paper shredding?

One of our common needs in a shredding business may come in the form of paper shredding, but sometimes we are not aware that we also need to dispose of other equipment like hard drives, computers, DVDs, packets and binders. We also want that the company we hire can dispose of other materials.

5. Do they perform shredding on site?

We, as a client want our documents to be shred on-site because it is the most protected and efficient form of shredding because we can have an assurance in a way that we can witness the pickup and the destruction of papers, maintaining the sequence of safekeeping. You will have peace of mind knowing that your documents are being shredded before they leave your company.

6. Do they need to have a contract?

There are times that we don’t need a long-term contract. Try to select a company that doesn’t require a long-term contract but can provide exceptional and quality service.

7. Do they let other people see your document before they are shredded?

In cases where shredding is not done in your place, we don’t want other people to see our documents. The best paper shredder company will provide locking bins where the documents are collected. The access is only given to the shredding personnel while they are at your place and when the locking bins have been emptied.

Before selecting a paper shredding company, you need to take note that they are suitable for your business. If the papers that are needed to be shred are very private, make sure that it has allocated in the proper place and proper procedures to keep them protected.


Do you know that every year 40% of companies across the globe suffer from a data breach? If your company’s hard drive disposal system includes deleting, reformatting, and wiping old hard drives, you and your business along with your employees are still vulnerable. In fact, as long as these hard drives are physically intact, all private information that stored within can still be retrieved. Hard drive destruction Framingham MA can be your way to protect your business and employees.  HARD DRIVE DESTRUCTION 

Many businesses inquire about hard drive deleting or shredding, especially if their computers and laptops have been there with them for a long period of time. However, because many computer and laptop services are rather expensive, most of them are concerned about their hard drive destruction cost. Leaving them to just delete and format the computer before throwing it away. What they don’t know is that the consequences they might have in return can cause them to a much bigger concern. Here are a few ways on how you can protect your business. 


Shredding can be one of the most secure, versatile and cost-effective electronic data destruction for all sorts of hard drives. Business and any other organizations transport data in several different ways, the most of which include hard drives, optical drives, smartphones, credit card devices, tablets, tapes, solid-state drives, motherboards, CD ROMs, thumb drives and more. The likes of cracking mobile phones and any devices in half are no longer used nowadays. Instead, business owners and many companies are using shredders that efficiently destroy hard drives and other portable media. Hard drive shredding is great for businesses with large operation data centers, or a stockpile of old hard drives, and media tapes because it is highly secure, fast and efficient.  


Degaussing is a demagnetizing process to delete a hard drive. After shredding a hard drive, most information technology experts would not be able to retrieve any data from the shredded pieces. However, there are some people that would indeed are able to retrieve the information that was already deleted. But you can ask how it is possible? If you take a magnet and smash it on the ground, the magnet will break into small pieces, but each of these pieces can still be magnetized. Hard drives work the same way as these because the hard drives store data are using magnets, even a small piece of the device retains its magnetic properties. Therefore they can still be read. 

Today many companies’ can be thankful enough because hard drive destruction is easy, fast and affordable to have. In fact, they can now perform hard drive destruction at their homes and offices. Information technology experts today will agree that simply deleting and wiping a hard drive or data from their computers is no longer an effective way because it might lead to data breach. The only guaranteed way to prevent it from getting into the hands of hackers is complete hard drive destruction. 

If you’re not sure which type of hard drive destruction you need, or you fall in between categories, we recommend that you consult with IT experts or hard drive destruction service near you.